Terms of Service

CollarSpace.site® is a participative community site allowing the publication of texts, photos and videos between people for the purpose of virtual meetings, accessible to CollarSpace.site Members by internet and by mobile phone. Most of the features of the CollarSpace.site Service are free and other features are paid for by Members who decide to order an additional service.

By becoming a Member of CollarSpace.site, you agree to comply with these General Conditions of Use. If you do not accept these Terms of Use, you must not register on CollarSpace.site. Registration for one or more Services and use of this site assume full acceptance of these by the Member. By checking the box designating the sentence “I certify that I am over 18 years old, that I have read the general conditions of use and agree to respect them.” Located on the registration form to validate it, the Member acknowledges that he is fully informed and is bound by all of the provisions of these General Conditions of Use.

Article 1. Terminology
In these Terms of Use, words or expressions starting with a capital letter will have the following meaning:
“CollarSpace.site” means a set of Services intended to promote virtual meetings between people for personal, leisure and non-commercial purposes. CollarSpace.site is available by internet and smartphone, free or paid.
“Subscription” means a paid plan giving access to CollarSpace.site paid Services over a limited period, tacitly renewable by periods equivalent to that initially chosen by the member, when the Subscription is acquired by payment by bank card.
“Service (s)” means all of the Services, paid or free, accessible to CollarSpace.site Members.
“Paid Service (s)” means all of the Paid Services accessible to CollarSpace.site Members with a valid Subscription.
“Member (s)” means a (or all) user (s) of the CollarSpace.site Service validly registered (s) and who has (have) paid or not for the use of CollarSpace.site.
“Terms of Use” means this contract.
“Content”: photographs, videos, texts, comments, announcements, published by the Member and hosted by CollarSpace.site.

Article 2. Access and registration for CollarSpace.site Services
The equipment (computer, software, telecommunications means, etc.) allowing access to the Services is the exclusive responsibility of the Member, as well as the telecommunications costs incurred by their use.
To be a member of CollarSpace.site, you must be at least 18 years old and complete the registration forms.
The Member guarantees that the data he communicates are exact and conform to reality. He undertakes to inform CollarSpace.site without delay in the event of modification of the data which he communicated during his registration and, if necessary, to proceed himself to the said modifications within his personal space of the CollarSpace.site site.
When the conditions necessary for registration are met, each Member has a username (login) and a password (s) which are strictly personal and confidential and which must not be communicated or shared with some thirds.
Except in the event of CollarSpace.site’s own fault or technical failure of the Service, the Member will be responsible for the use of these elements of identification by third parties or for actions or declarations made through their personal Member account, which ‘They are fraudulent or not and guarantees CollarSpace.site against any request in this respect. Furthermore, CollarSpace.site has no obligation and does not have the technical means to ensure the identity of the persons registering for its Services. If the Member has reason to believe that a person is using his identification elements or his account, he must immediately inform CollarSpace.site.
When a Member wishes to invite a friend on the site and provides CollarSpace.site with the latter’s contact details, he undertakes to have previously obtained from this friend the latter’s express consent to the processing of his data by CollarSpace.site, which will only be used to send, in the name and on behalf of the Member who provided CollarSpace.site with his contact details, an electronic message informing him of CollarSpace.site and the Services. Where appropriate, the Member provides this information voluntarily and freely and under his exclusive responsibility. Messages exchanged via the site and kept by the Member are automatically deleted after one year at most.

Article 3. Use of CollarSpace.site

Once registered, and subject to having the Subscription if necessary, the Member will have access to the Services available on CollarSpace.site. The price and payment methods of the various Paying Services are accessible when presenting or using the Paying Service (s) to which the Member wishes to subscribe, as well as their respective rate (s). The payment methods are also detailed in the “Payment methods” article of these Terms of Use.
3.1. CollarSpace.site obligations
CollarSpace.site ensures remotely and electronically the provision of a Community and participatory Service for the purposes of virtual meetings via electronic communications services and hosting of the content of its Members, under their full and entire responsibility. CollarSpace.site’s activity does not cover the organization of “real” meetings or the provision of access to the Internet. Consequently, CollarSpace.site has no legal obligation to identify Members when they connect to the CollarSpace.site website or to control the content published and put online by Members. Since CollarSpace.site cannot technically provide such services, CollarSpace.site does not contractually undertake to verify the identity of the Members or the veracity of the content they publish under their exclusive responsibility, or to moderate the said content.
It is important to take certain precautions when meeting with another Member. CollarSpace.site disclaims all liability during meetings between Members of CollarSpace.site, on CollarSpace.site or during meetings between Members and / or non-members, following the use of the CollarSpace.site site and the Services. In addition, during a first physical meeting, it is recommended to warn someone close and to prefer a public place (cafe, restaurant, etc.).
In this context, CollarSpace.site reminds its Members that it is forbidden for them to indicate or disclose to other Members information allowing their identification (except their pseudo of Member), such as last name, postal address and / or electronic, telephone, to other CollarSpace.site Members through the Services.
3.2. Obligations of the Member
The provisions of this article apply without prejudice to the article “Termination”.
In the context of the use of the Services, the Member undertakes to comply with the laws in force, to respect the rights of third parties and the provisions of these General Conditions of Use.
3.2.1. General obligations
The Member generally has the obligation to:
• Behave fairly towards CollarSpace.site and other Members.
• Respect the intellectual property rights relating to the content provided by CollarSpace.site and by other Members.
• Measure that he himself defines the perimeter of his private life and that it is up to him to communicate to CollarSpace.site and to other Members only information concerning him which he considers that the dissemination cannot be harmful to him.
3.2.2. Fundamental obligations
The Member’s Fundamental Obligations are to:
• Do not use CollarSpace.site for professional or commercial (prospecting, soliciting or prostitution) or non-private purposes, or for photos of people who are clearly underage.
• Post, indicate or disseminate in any form whatsoever only information or content that conforms to reality.
• Not to make or utter words or disseminate in any form whatsoever content that infringes the rights of others or is defamatory, abusive, inciting violence not mutually consented, political, racist or xenophobic and in general any content contrary to the object of CollarSpace.site, to the laws and regulations in force, to personal rights. In particular, the photos and any information, data or files supplied by a Member to CollarSpace.site must relate exclusively to the Member or, if they relate to a third party, with their express authorization and under the exclusive responsibility of the Member concerned.
• Not mention publicly on the CollarSpace.site site any personal information provided by a Member to CollarSpace.site (email address, postal address, telephone, etc.) that could allow a Member to contact another Member without using CollarSpace.site.
• Do not post, indicate, or disseminate in any form whatsoever information or content having the effect of reducing, disorganizing, preventing the normal use of the Services, interrupting and / or slowing down the normal circulation of communications between Members through the Services, such as software, viruses, logic bombs, mass sending of messages, etc. CollarSpace.site reserves the right to delete messages which are sent massively by a Member in order to preserve the quality of normal use of the Service with other Members.

• Do not post, indicate, or disseminate in any form whatsoever information or content incorporating links to third party sites that are illegal, contrary to good character and / or not in accordance with the object of CollarSpace.site.
• Use passwords and / or identifiers according to their strict purpose of authentication to the Services. In this regard, the Member must not, without this list being exhaustive, communicate, distribute, share, make accessible, in any way, his passwords and / or identifiers to any third party.
• Ensure the legal and non-detrimental nature of the communication to CollarSpace.site of the personal data of his relatives. The Member must thus ensure the prior consent of these relatives to the receipt, by the Member, of an email from CollarSpace.site.
• Use the Services in accordance with the purpose described in these Terms of Use.
Failure to comply with the Basic Obligations thus defined constitutes a serious breach by the Member of his obligations. Without prejudice to the provisions of the “Termination” article, in the event of a Member’s breach of one or more of these Fundamental Obligations, CollarSpace.site may terminate the contract and permanently delete the Member’s account.

Article 4. Payment and renewal terms
4.1. Payment terms
The use of the Paid Services supposes that the Member has a Subscription. Members can acquire a Subscription by bank card on the internet. The price and payment methods of the different Paying Services on CollarSpace.site are constantly accessible when presenting or using the Paying Service (s). which member (s) wish to subscribe to, as well as their respective rate (s). On CollarSpace.site, the prices are indicated in Euros inclusive of tax (all taxes included)
The acquisition of a Subscription on the Member’s account is almost simultaneous from the validation of the transaction by Credit Card.
4.2. Terms of renewal of a Subscription
The Member may at any time notify CollarSpace.site of his wish to terminate his Subscription. The termination will take effect on the expiry date of the current Subscription, provided that the notification is made by the member to CollarSpace.site at the latest 35 days before the expiration date of the current subscription, in accordance with provisions of Article 8 below “Termination”.
At the expiration of a Subscription, it will be, unless terminated notified by the Member to CollarSpace.site before the expiration of the current Subscription under the conditions indicated, renewed for periods equivalent to that initially chosen by the Member. The Subscription thus extended will be invoiced on the basis of the tariff and the frequency of the Subscription initially chosen by the Member. The Member may terminate the extended Subscription at any time which will then end at the end of the current subscription period at the time of notification to CollarSpace.site of this termination (provided that notification is made by the member to CollarSpace.site no later than 35 days before the expiry date of the current subscription.

Article 5. Privacy and data protection of the Member
Certain information, indications or content (photographs) that Members may provide on an optional basis may, under the responsibility of the Member concerned, reveal the Member’s ethnic origin, nationality, religion and / or sexual orientation. By providing such information, all optional, the Member concerned expresses his wish and, consequently, his explicit consent to the processing of this so-called “sensitive” data by CollarSpace.site and freely takes exclusive responsibility for it. Each Member may, by filling out the contact form, taking care to indicate his personal identifiers, access or request access to the information concerning him in order to have them modified or deleted or to prohibit such or such use by CollarSpace.site.
Each Member may, when registering or at any time later, request to receive offers by email and / or on their mobile relating to products or services provided by CollarSpace.site partners. Subsequently, each Member can request free of charge via CollarSpace.site to receive or not to receive the CollarSpace.site newsletter and / or promotional offers sent to him by email and / or on his mobile from CollarSpace.site and / or its partners in managing their options in the “My Account” section.
5.1. When and why do we collect information about you?
The Member is required to provide information concerning him when he registers for the Service, he participates in a contest, he responds to a survey, he participates in the chat, he acquires a Subscription. Sometimes certain information is required to participate in the Service.

5.2. What kind of information do we collect?
Personal information collected by CollarSpace.site may include your name, email address, telephone number, banking information, information about your physical appearance, your photograph, your personal values, your areas of interest and your use of the Service.

In addition, certain non-personal information may be collected such as the browser version of the Member or of any user (Firefox, Internet Explorer, etc.), the type of operating system used (Windows 7, Mac Os, etc.) and the IP address of the computer used.
CollarSpace.site uses cookies, intended to store information identifying the Member during the consultation of the CollarSpace.site website in order to avoid him having to enter them manually on each page viewed.
5.3. Who has access to this information?
5.3.1. The information collected about you when you register for CollarSpace.site and when you subscribe to our Services is used to provide you with our various Services. All precautions have been taken on our databases to archive your information in a secure environment. Only some of our employees have access to your information, which is only accessible to them when necessary. Personal information provided during your registration that does not constitute your announcements and your presentation will not be accessible to third parties, nor transmitted, sold or exchanged, except in the cases referred to below and subject to your prior information and your prior agreement, or in the absence of opposition on your part.
5.3.2. We are likely to send you, subject to your free prior and informed agreement when registering and unless you object later, at no cost other than transmitting the request when you register or at any other time, promotional offers from some of our partners. If you prefer not to receive the offers that we select for you or that our partners are likely to send to you, you can indicate this when you receive one of our promotional electronic messages, via the unsubscribe link.
5.3.3. The member can limit the dissemination of information concerning him through the “Confidentiality settings” section. Thus, the information and photos can be, at the choice of the Member, and for each element: accessible to all, accessible to other members, accessible to friends only or accessible to anyone. By default, the information making up your ads and search criteria and your presentation are by default accessible on CollarSpace.site, on the Web, by email (newsletters). Consequently, except for implementing different personalized confidentiality settings himself, the Member expressly authorizes CollarSpace.site to reproduce and distribute the information composing his advertisement, his search criteria on all or part of the CollarSpace.site Service (on the CollarSpace.site website, on the Web and by email) and / or on all electronic communication media (e-mail, Internet), for the whole world and for the duration of execution of these Terms of Use between the Member and CollarSpace.site.

Article 6. Intellectual property
The content disseminated is of two distinct types whose intellectual property and responsibilities differ markedly: the content disseminated by CollarSpace.site, the content disseminated by the Members.
6.1. Content broadcast by CollarSpace.site
The brands (in particular CollarSpace.site®), logos, graphics, photographs, animations, videos and texts contained on the CollarSpace.site site which are not published by the Members but by CollarSpace.site are the intellectual property of CollarSpace.site or its partners and may not be reproduced, used or represented without the express authorization of CollarSpace.site or its partners, under penalty of legal proceedings. The rights of use granted by CollarSpace.site to the Member are reserved for private and personal use within the framework and for the duration of the membership of CollarSpace.site. Any other use by the Member is prohibited without the authorization of CollarSpace.site. The Member is prohibited in particular from modifying, copying, reproducing, downloading, distributing, transmitting, commercially exploiting and / or distributing in any way whatsoever the Services, the pages of the CollarSpace.site site, or the computer codes of the elements making up the Services and the CollarSpace.site site.
6.2. Content disseminated by Members

CollarSpace.site does not acquire any ownership rights in Member Content. As soon as the Member makes his Content accessible to other users (individually or in groups), he declares that he accepts that they have, free of charge and for exclusively personal purposes, the ability to view and share the Content on CollarSpace.site or from CollarSpace.site, on other electronic communications media (in particular, mobile phones) and this, for the entire period of hosting the Content on CollarSpace.site. In addition, for the duration of the hosting of the Member’s Content and within the strict framework of the functionalities making it possible to make the Site accessible via the internet or other electronic communications media, the Member authorizes to reproduce / represent its Content and, if necessary, adapt the format for this purpose. The Member is also informed that, given the intrinsic characteristics of the internet, the data transmitted, in particular its Content, is not protected against the risks of misappropriation and / or piracy, for which CollarSpace.site cannot be held responsible. It is up to the Member, if necessary, to take all appropriate measures to protect this data.

Article 7. Liability and guarantee
7.1. Operation of the CollarSpace.site site and the Services
To use the Services, the Member must have software equipment and settings necessary for the proper functioning of CollarSpace.site: IE7 browser or equivalent, activation of Java script functions, reception of session cookies and acceptance of the display of “pop-up” windows. ups. ”

Please note that for full use of CollarSpace.site you will need up-to-date Adobe Flash software. The Member must have the skills, hardware and software required for the use of the Internet, or where applicable, Internet services, and recognizes that the characteristics and constraints of the Internet do not guarantee security, availability and integrity of data transmissions during their transit over the Internet.
CollarSpace.site does not guarantee that the Services will be usable if the subscriber uses a “pop-up killer” utility; in this case, this function must be deactivated before using the Service.
CollarSpace.site does not guarantee that the Services will be usable if the member’s Internet access provider proves to be faulty in the performance of its own service. Likewise, where appropriate, the use of smartphone applications subscribed by the Member directly from the application provider assumes that the latter has a smartphone and a satisfactory connection.

Under these conditions, CollarSpace.site is not responsible for any non-functioning, impossibility of access, or poor conditions of use of the CollarSpace.site site attributable to inappropriate equipment, internal malfunctions at the access provider. of the Member, to the congestion of the Internet network, and for all other reasons external to CollarSpace.site will inform its Members before a maintenance or update operation.
7.2. Information and content provided by Members
7.2.1. The information provided by a Member to CollarSpace.site must be exact and conform to reality. The consequences of their disclosure on his life and / or that of other Members are the exclusive responsibility of the Member concerned. The Member takes the initiative to disclose and disseminate via CollarSpace.site information, data, texts, content and images concerning him. Consequently, he renounces any recourse against CollarSpace.site, in particular on the basis of the possible infringement of his right to the image, his honor, his reputation, the intimacy of his private life, resulting the dissemination or disclosure of information concerning him under the conditions provided herein, in particular by the article “Privacy and data protection of the Member”, insofar as the Member has previously, freely and expressly consented to such a disclosure by virtue of its registration with the Service and in application of these Terms of Use.
7.2.2. CollarSpace.site cannot be held responsible for (and the consequences of) the accuracy or inaccuracy of the information and content provided by other Members, visitors to the Site and / or the Member himself. Likewise, CollarSpace.site cannot be held responsible for the content disseminated by a Member liable to infringe the rights of one or more other Members or third parties and of which CollarSpace.site would provide proof that it was not informed by a Member. or by a third party or would not have had effective and prior knowledge thereof or that it would not have been at fault in the performance of its contractual obligations.

CollarSpace.site can only be held liable by a Member in the event that certain and final proof is established of a fault committed by CollarSpace.site or by one of its service providers intervening in the performance of CollarSpace.site’s contractual obligations, having caused the Member effective and direct damage. If necessary, it will be up to CollarSpace.site to demonstrate that it did not commit a fault in the performance of its contractual obligations. CollarSpace.site will not be liable for direct or indirect damage suffered by the Member when the Member is at the origin of it or when it results from a case of force majeure.
7.2.3. The quality of the CollarSpace.site Dating Service required by both CollarSpace.site and its Members implies respect for a certain ethics in the expression and behavior of Members, respect for the rights of third parties, as well as respect for laws and regulations in force. In the service of this requirement of quality, individual responsibility and ethics, CollarSpace.site allows any Member to report to him on the CollarSpace.site site the data (photography, text, video), behaviors or words of a Member which appear to him infringe the laws and regulations in force, the image or object of the CollarSpace.site Service or the rights of a third party. Consequently, the Members recognize and accept that the data which they provide, as well as their behavior or their remarks via the Service are likely to be the subject of a report by other Members and of moderation and / or a control by CollarSpace.site, on the basis of objective assessment criteria. In the event that this report or this control would reveal the violation by a Member of the laws and regulations in force or of its contractual obligations, the provisions of these Conditions of Use, in particular the article “Termination” may be applied. Depending on the behavior or comments of the members, the monitoring team can decide to block any new registrations.
7.2.4. In the event that CollarSpace.site’s liability is sought due to a breach by a Member of its obligations under the law or these Terms of Use, the latter undertakes to guarantee CollarSpace.site against any sentence pronounced its counterpart finding its origin in the failure imputed to the Member.
7.3. Connections
CollarSpace.site is only responsible for the hypertext links that it creates and has no control over the sites and external sources to which redirect hypertext links accessible on the Service, and that it would not have created (the “External Sites “). It can not be held responsible for the provision of links to external sites and can not bear any responsibility for their content, advertising, products, services or any other element available on or from these external sites which it would not have an effective and prior knowledge.
Any difficulty relating to a link must be submitted to the administrator or webmaster of the site in question. It is also recalled that the consultation and / or use of these sites and external sources are governed by their own Terms of Use.
Finally, if, as part of a search conducted on the CollarSpace.site site, the result thereof led the Member to point to sites, pages or forums whose title and / or content constitute a violation of law French, the Member is invited to interrupt his consultation of the site concerned at the risk of seeing his responsibility engaged in the opposite case, that of CollarSpace.site being excluded.

Article 8. Termination
Each Member may terminate their registration with CollarSpace.site by requesting the closure of their account at any time with CollarSpace.site, without costs other than those linked to the transmission of their request and without reason, in particular via the section “Close my account and destroy my data “http://www.CollarSpace.site/user/remove/ of the CollarSpace.site Site dedicated to this purpose or by any other means which may be indicated to it in this section. This request will be deemed made on the working day following receipt by CollarSpace.site of the request to close the account concerned.
This request does not entail reimbursement to the Member of the period remaining until the expiration of the Member’s Subscription.
Without prejudice to the other provisions herein, in the event of a serious breach by the Member, CollarSpace.site terminates the member’s account without notice or formal notice. This termination has the same effects as that decided by the Member.
Without prejudice to the other provisions herein, in the event of a Member’s default, CollarSpace.site terminates the Member’s account 7 (seven) days after sending the Member an email asking him to comply with these Terms of Use, which remained unsuccessful. .

This termination will take place without prejudice to all damages which may be claimed by CollarSpace.site from the Member or its assigns and legal representatives in compensation for any damage suffered by CollarSpace.site or the latter as a result of such breaches.
The Member will be informed by email of the termination or confirmation of the termination of his account. The data relating to the Member will be destroyed at his request or at the expiration of the legal deadlines running from the termination of the Member’s account.
As indicated in article 4 of these General Conditions of Use, the Member may also subscribe to other ad hoc services. Where applicable, these one-off services are purchased from other providers and according to other payment methods than those used for the Services offered by. The billing conditions, payment and renewal terms specific to these one-off services will be presented to the Member and accepted by him prior to his purchase.

Article 9. Agreement between the Member and CollarSpace.site
These Terms of Use constitute a contract governing the relationship between the Member and CollarSpace.site. They cancel and replace all previous provisions not expressly referred to or annexed and constitute the entirety of the rights and obligations of CollarSpace.site and of the Member relating to their object. If one or more stipulations of these Terms of Use were declared void in application of a law, a regulation or following a final decision of a competent court, the other stipulations will keep all their force and their scope , to the extent permitted by said decision. In addition, the fact that a Party does not take advantage of a failure by the other Party to any of the provisions of these Terms of Use can not be interpreted as a waiver on its part to take advantage in the future of such failure.

Article 10. Changes to CollarSpace.site or the Terms of Use
CollarSpace.site may modify these Terms of Use at any time. The Member will be informed of the nature of these modifications as soon as they are posted on the CollarSpace.site site. The changes will take effect one month after they are posted on the Site. For Members registered after the modifications are posted online, they will be immediately applicable to them since they will have expressly accepted them by becoming a Member.

Article 11. Applicable law – attribution of jurisdiction
These Terms of Use are governed, interpreted and applied in accordance with French law, the language of interpretation being the French language in the event of a dispute as to the meaning of a term or a provision of these Terms of Use.