The Largest BDSM Community on the Planet

Collarspace The Largest BDSM Community on the Planet. Collarspace is a BDSM dating site. But what is it? These are dating sites for fetish people, you know those who like to bond (bondage), domination, submission and masochism.

Collarspace, is a real amateur BDSM dating portal, with more than 5 million members who have crossed the threshold. Collarspace brings together BDSM announcements with profile photos, members’ BDSM photo albums, and a BDSM TCHAT … you will also find other informative and artistic sections that will allow you to discover BDSM and the world of D / s fetish.

Collarspace has been the benchmark sado maso site for several years. BDSM meetings and SM announcements, SM chat with real certified members. You will find submissives, domineering Mistresses, BDSM couples and SM transsexuals … Registration is fast and discreet.

Collarspace: Effective BDSM dating site:

Collarspace is known to be the best naughty dating site. However, only a fraction of Internet users know that Collarspace is also the perfect place to have a BDSM meeting. It is even the best BDSM dating site in the USA. We have tested this site for several months and we will give you its strengths and weaknesses!

Collarspace Fetaures:

Possible meetings: BDSM meeting, naughty meeting, fetish meeting and adultery meeting

The great advantage of Collarspace lies in the variety of profiles offered. All registered women are looking for a partner for sex. According to the profiles, this sexual relationship can be “basic” or be a very specific sexual practice (bondage, sadomasochism, fetishism…). Women communicate almost all of their sexual practices and what they are looking for. If you are looking for a submissive or domineering woman, it will be easy to find them. 40% of the site’s users are BDSM practitioners or are open to their sexual practices.

The quality of the members

During our Collarspace test, we were pleasantly surprised by the quality of the site’s users. This site has millions of members across the USA, many of whom are active. We did not come across false profiles or profiles that can doubt us. The profiles are all quite complete and allow to know precisely the desires and expectations of the members. In addition, almost all members have at least especially in women. Women are almost as numerous as men on Collarspace, great highlight!

Effective Dating Site:

Collarspace is the site with which we have had the most BDSM meetings and with which we have obtained the most real dates! The site has a powerful algorithm allowing to propose profiles corresponding completely to your searches and your criteria. It is quick and easy to find an SM woman open to a real date. Especially since women really have no genes on this site and respond to all messages. Until proof to the contrary, Collarspace is therefore the most efficient BDSM site at the moment!

Having the best BDSM chat in the USA, this site has conquered the BDSM community. Allowing a large number of real meetings with people looking for BDSM relationships, this site was the most effective even when faced with sites like or

What does the Collarspace dating network offer you?

Dating announcements:

When you register for free, you will create a form that will constitute your advertisement. You will be able to indicate if you are a submissive or domineering person, and what type of meeting you want to do, what you are looking for (dominating woman, domineering man, submissive woman, etc.). You will also be able to describe your research themes (submission, domination, bondage / shibari, sado-masochism, etc.).

Photos around submission / domination and SM practices:

Each Collarspace member can publish BDSM photos or not on public spaces. This photo section will delight everyone, whether they are exhib or voyeur. Thousands of photos are offered by the community. We are counting on you to share your own kinky photos.

A chat dialogue to get to know other members:

To facilitate meetings and exchanges, our site also offers a free chat, BDSM oriented. You can chat live with all your friends, in private or in a group chat, also known as the lounge / boudoir.

The Collarspace forum to discuss BDSM practices:

Thanks to the Collarspace forum you will be able to exchange on many themes: Sado-Masochism, Shibari / Bondage, Discipline / Spanking / Flagellations, Domination / submission, Fetishism

Thematic groups around BDSM

Collarspace community members can create discussion groups, these groups are sort of mini-sites with their articles, their forums, their specific photos. Groups are created freely and free of charge around geographic groupings (BDSM in a region) or on themes focused on practices of submission / domination, sado-masochism or fetishism.

The calendar of BDSM events and evenings

Each member can advertise their BDSM events or evenings on the site, whether it is a dungeon evening, a munch to discuss a subject, an initiation workshop to practices (such as le shibari), you can find out about events in your area, or advertise an event you organize for free.

Collarspace The largest, oldest BDSM community, Specialized for over 25 years in BDSM meetings. You and you only live your secret desires freely, consensually with joy. Meet and freely experience your 100 Shades of pleasure with women, men and all genres adepts of BDSM practices such as spanking, Shibari, bondage, gagging, handcuffs … Join our BDSM Dialogue and meet your next BDSM partners on the 1st free BDSM chat.

BDSM Dating and Chat on mobiles:

Adapted to current supports and browsers, the new version of Collarspace offers you simple and intuitive ergonomics while preserving the quality of each of its functionalities. Get BDSM and fetish profiles located near you with just one click! Personalize, refine and save your different searches. Chat in peace thanks to the blacklist and other comfort functions. View thousands of public and private BDSM photos and discover the most spicy desires, practices and fantasies of followers in the BDSM community. It’s time to realize your most shameful fantasies!

The Collarspace site is for all BDSM enthusiasts. At the bottom of the home page, you can directly see what kind of photos and dating are waiting for you on this BDSM and fetish dating site. Over 40,000 friendly and often very interesting members are waiting for you. There are currently an average of 300 online users chatting.

Collarspace chat:

Even if the Collarspace site has a slightly outdated look, users appreciate it for passionate chats. Once logged in, you get an overview that tells you which users are currently online. You can theoretically find a member of the site and directly start chatting with him. However, you cannot view your chat partner’s profile and photos on Collarspace.

Collarspace: BDSM social network

The Collarspace site is clean and clear. You have access to a messaging service and a chat, free and without any limitation whatsoever as regards communication between subscribers.

The profiles are visible to all registrants, but are not indexed. This obviously does not guarantee complete confidentiality. Anyone can register, including people who could recognize you if you do not stash your muzzle properly or if you display it conspicuously. However, these people will have previously registered on a BDSM community site, eh… But it will still prevent a recruiter from finding a naked photo of you all dressed up by googling yourself a little too close.

The Collarspace site also references events, and includes a forum, organized in discussion “groups”, in English. You can create a new discussion group, or participate in an existing group. It also has a “Writing” section, dedicated to texts written by members (also in English).

What is BDSM really about:

This type of sexual encounter is effectively based on physical abuse during the sexual act. But some people feel excitement and pleasure during the pain, while others like to inflict it. Far from caresses and penetration, BDSM is much more severe than that.

To realize this, why not look at bdsm photos? This will allow you to see a little more clearly. Do you want to discover these extreme practices? Do you want to find a partner who can help you satisfy your desires? In this case, read on. We explain how to find a bdsm sex plan easily, discreet and without headache.

How to find bdsm: how to find a partner on Collarspace:

If the practice of BDSM is still obscure, and its followers are not easily revealed, you can however find amateurs on a chat site.

On this kind of free site, you will be able to give free rein to your sexuality, and perhaps find the person who can allow you to practice bdsm. Are you more domineering, or submissive? Whatever the case, on the Internet, it is possible to meet quickly and easily.

BDSM practices on Collarspace:


Bondage is a SM practice of tying up one’s partner to physically constrain him or her. Bondage therefore supposes a submissive and a dominant. BDSM accessories are often used for bondage: handcuffs, ropes, camisoles, monogants or suspensions.


Discipline is a BDSM practice where the submissive must obey established rules and the orders of the dominant. When the submissive does not respect the rules or orders, the dominant will then punish him as he wishes. The punishment can be slapped, spanked, gagged, bondage …

Domination & Submission

Domination and submission is a SM practice which consists in dominating or being dominated sexually according to pre-established roles. Besides, many submissive men are looking for BDSM dominatrixes to get dominated. It’s a sexual role play!


Sadism is a practice in which the sadist obtains sexual satisfaction when he makes his partner suffer physically or mentally. The sadist thus takes pleasure in making his partner suffer. To make his partner suffer, he uses BDSM accessories.


Related to sadism, masochism is a practice in which the masochist takes pleasure in pain and suffering. Masochism is related to sadism. A masochist is therefore completely compatible with a sadistic person because everyone will get off.


Humiliation is a practice in which the sadomasochist takes sexual pleasure in humiliating his partner. This humiliation can be practiced in a private setting or in front of a group. The partner’s humiliation will cause sexual arousal.


Chastity is in the midst of sadomasochism in depriving a person of the use of his or her reproductive system. This deprivation is often made possible by an object such as a chastity belt or a rib cage. The partner therefore exercises total control.


Urolagnia is all BDSM practices that affect urine. Urophiles experience arousal when they can, for example, urinate in the mouth or on the body of their partner. Other urophiles prefer them to have someone urinate on them.


Scatophilia includes all the practices that directly or indirectly affect excrement. The scatophile takes great pleasure in either being sprayed with excrement on his body and even in his mouth or in making his needs on his or her partner.

Why do a BDSM meeting on Collarspace?

The Internet is the perfect place to meet BDSM. With the development of BDSM dating sites, many show that most sadomasochists today use BDSM sites for dating. Using the best BDSM site, you will find hundreds of thousands of sadomasochistic partners to meet.

Unlike traditional means such as BDSM evenings or private BDSM clubs, you will have a large choice of partners who live near your residence. On a sado-maso site, you will have no trouble meeting several people who are looking for relationships and who have the same sexual practices. Plus, you won’t have to move from home to find BDSM plans. Better yet, the Internet will save you a lot of money that you would have left in expensive and unsuccessful BDSM parties.

Having a BDSM meeting on the Internet combines many more advantages than the traditional meeting places of sadomasochists. You just need to make no mistake about the choice of BDSM site.

Collarspace BDSM Dating Site and Adult Classifieds:

When you want to do online BDSM dating, you can choose between SM dating sites and sadomasochistic ad sites. But which sites to choose between those two choices? Reply !

The choice

On Collarspace BDSM dating site, you will have much more choice than on a BDSM ad site. In addition, on ad sites you will find many more ads for men than women SM. 1-0 for SM dating sites!

The effectiveness

Collarspace, a site specializing in BDSM dating, will be much more effective than an advertising site. In fact, you will have the possibility to chat instantly with a profile that interests you, unlike ad sites where you must send a message that often remains unanswered. 2-0!

The rapidity

On Collarspace dating site, the dating process is direct. You see a profile you like, you contact the person directly and you can chat live. On a BDSM ad site, you will send a message that may have been overlooked. In addition, many women who post their BDSM ads share their nicknames with you and refer you to the dating site where they are registered today. 3-0!